Elinor Salter.jpeg
Ciao!  I am Elinor, Editor of Italy Inside and Out


I am a lover of all things Italian!


I lived in Italy with my family for 4 years, in Tarquinia, Lazio and trained in Milan as a personal shopper.


I have been working as a Style Coach and a freelance Style Editor for many years, focussing on Italian style.

This magazine has been something I have been wanting to create for many years.  Other English speaking magazines about Italy tend to focus on the Country from an ex-pat point of view, but I wanted to show Italy through the eyes of the Italians.  I want them to be able to share their wonderful Country with us, tell their stories and highlight places and brands that wouldn't normally get seen.


I also want to bring my love and passion for Italy and Italian style and culture to you through Italy Inside & Out Magazine. 


Month by month, we will be bringing you news and views from the Bel Paese, talking to ordinary and not so ordinary people about their Country, their traditions and their style.


We will be talking about food, wine, history, culture, traditions and of course style and fashion.


There is so much to share, so many stories to tell and so many wonderful places to visit, both well-know and unknown.  


I have an amazing team of people who will be regularly contributing and each issue will have guest contributors.

I look forward to getting to know Italy Inside and Out with you!