Meet Elinor

Certified Style Coach & Style Expert

 Style Coaching™ (IASC Dip' honours)

How I went from Invisible me to Authentic me

I was rapidly approaching my 50s, having an empty nest and absolutely no direction in my life.  I had to work in a job that paid well, but I hated, because I was the breadwinner in the family.  I felt boring, dull, frumpy, overlooked and invisible.  I remember walking past a group of builders and almost willing them to make them a comment - of course they didn't!

I knew I had to find who I was again.

I have been interested in clothes and fashion for all my cognisant years.  One of first memories is setting all my mother's shoes out and playing shoe shop!  My mother was an amazing seamstress and taught me to make all my own clothes.  After leaving school I attended Lucy Clayton's in London, learning about style and fashion and when I left, I set up my own design and dressmaking company, specialising in ballgowns and wedding dresses. 

Life moved on for me and I ended up living in Italy with my husband and young son and there immersed myself in the art and fashion, developing my own style and helping others develop theirs. I trained in Milan as a Stylist and spent time in both Rome and Milan and worked closely with boutiques in Tarquinia, Lazio, developing their clientele.  We lived in Italy for 4 years and when we moved back to the UK, I carried on with the Personal Shopping on a part-time basis, taking clients to Rome and Milan on shopping weekends.

I used to love Styling and Personal Shopping, but I realised that to really make a difference to a person's confidence it was important that their outer image reflected their inner self so I started researching courses because I wanted a more holistic approach, I took a diploma with the Style Coaching Institute, passing with Honours!

I am passionate about helping women find who they once envisaged they would be and I know that it was in Italy that I found the true confident "me" - so I knew that these two things were my calling.

I spend my time between Gloucestershire and Italy helping clients perfect that little bit of Italian style.


Italy was where I found myself, it was there I learned to be confident in who I am and have confidence in how to express myself through my style - this is what I want to help you do too.


I learnt along the way that Italian Style isn't all about glamour, although that can certainly be a part of it.


It is about sensuality, femininity, passion, confidence; not bound by age, trend or shape.


As we enter into our midlife it can be a confusing time - who are we? What happened to the person we envisaged we would be?


Who do we want to be now that it is our time?


I know that I lost myself for a while - I became all the things that life had labelled me; daughter, sibling, wife, mother, housewife, carer, PA, to name but a few! - but then on one of my trips to Italy, I knew that I needed to go back to the "Me" that I liked, the "Me" who had self confidence.


Let me help you do the same.


Finding your true inner style, body shape and colouring and using the tools and techniques I show you, you can have fun shopping again, have a wardrobe which is a joy to open and always find something to wear, gain a self confidence that will translate into every other area of your life - hey, and why not add a bit of Italian Style along the way!