Italian Style - for women 50+ 

Confident, fabulous, Flourishing

A magazine dedicated to style for women 50+ 

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"Style is our voice" - Let's shout it from the rooftops!

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I have spoken to a lot of women around my age (I'm 57), ladies over 50 and beyond, and there is a recurring theme - we feel invisible; we feel we have lost sight of ourselves; we have forgotten who we always wanted to be and indeed thought we would be; we have forgotten how to be ourselves, dress for ourselves and, sadly, treat ourselves.  


My passion is Italian style and I think there is so much to learn from the amazing women there - both everyday people and the artisans and business owners who have battled on through.  I know I have learnt so much from working with them, interviewing them and indeed being friends with them and I want to pass this on to you.


"Fiorente" - meaning thriving or flourishing in Italian - is how I feel we, as women over 50 should be.  


This magazine is aimed directly at us, women 50 and beyond and focuses on

  • Italian style and how we can achieve it,

  • How to stylishly dress for our body shape now,

  • How to use colour to our advantage, and

  • How to dress for the women we want to be.


I will interview the amazing women I come across through my work in Italy and tell their inspirational stories to help us focus on ourselves.

I want to share with you brands, artisans, designers who have negotiated all the pitfalls of being a woman in business - mostly Italian, but not exclusively.

I will ask the incredible coaches, make-up artists, beauticians, health experts, I have met along the way, to contribute and anwers your questions.


I also want to find out about "La Dolce Vita" and how this effects and influence Italian style and lifestyle.


I want to research "La Bella Figura", which is so much more than just looking good, and find out how we can incorporate this powerful concept into our lives and style.


I am so passionate about helping women remove their invisibility cloak and also about Italian style, that I want to share this dream of mine with you.


So here is "Italy STYLE, inside and out" 


I hope you love it and that it helps you "Fiorire" - flourish.


Elinor xx

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