5 things you will find in an Italian woman's wardrobe - Fab after 50!

Italian women have a unique take on clothes and a style that captivates the rest of the World. They look perennially chic and put together and always seem to have fun with what they are wearing. They don’t follow strict rules, but they dress for themselves and for their body shapes and achieve an effortless look that, if truth be known, isn’t anything but that! Of course they put effort into it - anything worth doing, is worth doing well, as I am sure you were told when you were little! But it is true. Looking good, stylish and well dressed does take effort. But the end result is worth it - as any Italian woman will tell you!

There are 5 things that will you will almost always find in an Italian woman’s wardrobe -

Sunglasses - an indispensable part of any stylish outfit. Even the police woman and traffic wardens will accessorise their uniforms with a pair of designer sunglasses! They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles and every woman will have hundreds of pairs to choose from, to go with every outfit. Although they are of course needed in sunny Italy, they make an outfit look so polished, I think that Italian women would wear them even in the most miserable of climates!

Ballet Flats- although you will see locals rushing around their daily lives in vertiginous heels, not giving a thought to the cobblestone streets around their towns, you will also see many a pair of loafers. There is much debate about on blog posts, etc, about whether Italians live in heels or flats, but the wonderfully stylish ladies I know actually do both! They love their heels, but also spend a lot of time in either ballet flats or loafers. Worn with jeans and a jacket, or smart trouser suits or skirts, ballet flats, look smart and of course have the comfort factor we all cry out for as we get older!

A well tailored jacket - one that fits like a glove, in a good quality fabric and a neutral colour, that will go with everything from jeans or trousers to a smart skirt or evening wear. A classic, timeless jacket, is an investment which will keep you looking smart for many seasons, so it is worth paying a little extra for one, although it doesn’t have to be a designer jacket to look good. If you ask your tailor/seamstress to make alterations to make sure it fits perfectly, it will look like a designer jacket anyway!

A good quality leather handbag - or a lot of them! Italians love their leather and they love their handbags! They will have all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes of bags in their wardrobes and will change them around for whatever outfit they are wearing or for the season.

photo - Alexandra de Curtis - https://www.alexandradecurtis.com/amalfi-tote

Red lipstick - never underestimate the power of a red lipstick! Italian women never do! There is a red lipstick out there for everyone, despite your colouring. If you are a warm colouring, go for a lipstick with a yellow base and if you are a cool colouring, go for one with a blue base. If you want some advice on what you should wear, then my lovely friend and colleague https://www.facebook.com/karen.sayersirving at

https://candylashesbeauty.com/treatments to give you some advice!

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