8 Best Swimsuits to hide your tummy bulge

Ok I admit it, I put on rather too much weight around my midriff during lockdown and this, combined with the weight that has gathered there due to my age, means that putting on a bikini or even a swimsuit, fills me with dread!

I am sure I am not alone in this. Tummy weight gained for whatever reason, whether it be after having a baby, menopause, illness or just eating too much, can mean that finding something to wear to the pool or the beach is fraught with difficulties and potential embarrassment.

Finding something flattering is a challenge whatever body type you are and swimsuits that are designed to control your tummy area can be very frumpy looking and also very expensive.

But, fear not, I have solutions here to come to your rescue and which will make buying swimwear a walk on the beach!

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Colour blocking

If you have a darker bottom of the swimsuit with a lighter top half, the eye will be drawn upwards away from the tummy area. The darker bottom half will also have a slimming effect.


High Waist

High waisted bikini bottoms will help keep the tummy area under control. If there is a ruching on the bottoms, this will further help to disguise the problems.


Patterns and Prints

Patterns on a swimsuit will confuse the eye and draw attention away from problem areas. If the pattern is around the waistline, this will further help the allusion.



A ruffled top or one piece can help disguise the tummy area, with the material skimming over the top. The best type, in my opinion, is to have a tankini so that the top has ruffles, but the bottom part is fuss free.


Peplum Tops

Tankinis with peplum tops will help to disguise extra pounds on the waist. Hanging from just below the bustline, which is a narrower part of your torso, the top will skim over your curves and create a pleasing line.


Blouson top

This type of suit is great, as the top “blouses” out over the problem areas, completely disguising it, whilst keeping the bottom part fuss free.



The best friend of many a tummy! Ruching (pleating) of the material is very flattering, as it again confuses the eye and draws attention away from the problem area.


Dark Colours

Dark colours are always flattering and slimming. Don’t just stick to black though, try dark blue, dark purple or even dark reds and pinks.


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