How are you feeling today?

Sunday is really the only day I get off - and that is a very loose term!

I met a friend yesterday, who asked me if I had had a good day off. "Lovely" I chirruped back sunnily, whilst the reel in my mind was running through everything I had done that day.

Admittedly I did have a lie in until 8, reading Vogue (yes, amazingly I still find reading about fashion relaxing!), but after that it started at emptying the dishwasher, carried on with cleaning, cooking, etc, feeding the constantly hungry monster known as "the recycling", through to an evening sorting out my week's diary and other tasks for work and feeding that other constantly hungry monster known as "social media", until

"weary with toil I haste me to my bed" - only to find said bed was still unmade after having washed the sheets. The "dear repose for limbs with housework tired" (sorry Shakespeare!) had to wait until that was sorted.

Finally, trying to read, I kept dozing off, until I gave up the struggle and tried to sleep properly -

"But then begins the journey in my head, To work my mind when body's work's expired." -

I started to write lists in my head for the week ahead; What meetings I had, what content I had to write, the shopping, getting my son back to Uni, how was he going to cope with it all online? How was I going to cope being an "empty nester" again.

Being in midlife means juggling children, parents, jobs, homes and so much more. It is hard to find time for ourselves and time just to "be". But the sun is now shining and I am going to take my cup of coffee outside and watch the swans on the lake for a while - then maybe I will watch "Swan Lake" on a DVD tonight!


I don't think my friend would have had time to have listened to that answer - so a simple "lovely!" sufficed!

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