An ideal skirt for your figure type

Updated: Aug 17

Do you know what skirt is ideal for your figure type?

Practically all image stylists agree that the main mistake which is made by women in wardrobe creation, is the incorrect choice of clothes style for your figure.

I am sure you have also noticed that in some clothes you look more harmonious and beautiful, and some look like a bag on you!!

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So, here are the ideal skirts for every figure type.


You have a full belly, big breast, but slim hips, legs and hands.

Your ideal skirt — a sun-skirt (semi-sun) on low waist. If you’re young enough, the skirt may be quite short. But women over 30 years should choose skirts that are slightly higher than the knees.

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The figure is proportional, breast, waist and hips are well accentuated.

Your ideal type of skirt – a pencil-skirt with a high rise, the perfect length – to the knees or a little higher (not mini).

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The figure is slim, but the waist is not well accentuated.

Your perfect skirt – a pleated model with a low waist, the length may be various.

To create a better volume in hips area we need to make the waist visually narrower.

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The hips here are wider than the shoulders.

Your best skirt? – a trapeze A shape with a high waist that skims the hips.

Inverted triangle

The shoulders are wider than the hips so to create a balanced look wear balloon skirts of any lengths.



The figure is plump, but smooth.

Your ideal skirt? – a straight one with a low rise, length – to the knees or lower.

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