Can I wear dungarees? 50+ Style

An unexpected must-have this autumn

There will be many clothes this autumn that you will feel you have seen before, as the 70’s and 80’s are still with us! However, there is one unexpected garment that you probably didn’t think you would wear again! Dungarees …….

Initially, the overalls were created as a uniform for workers, but today the overalls can be styled in different ways, choosing different shapes, textures and sizes.

Today I will show you how you can wear an overall to look on trend this autumn. They are comfortable, forgiving and brilliant for trans seasonal dressing as you can wear them with t-shirts, long sleeved shirts or jumpers, depending on the weather!

Autumn sorted!

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Photo: Courtesy of Chanel,

When a wardrobe item appears at the fashion show of a well-known brand, it immediately becomes the trend of the season. So, Chanel presented a pink tweed overall with a long sleeve top and heeled shoes.

Today you can find many options for overalls for every taste:

– with wide legs

– with flared legs

– shortened

– with tapered legs

How to wear the overalls to look trendy this fall

1. White overall + Breton top

Striped Dungarees and a bow blouse -

3. Leather Dungarees + top + shoes — a monochrome combination

4. Overall + lace-up boots

5. Overall + a gingham blouse + cowboy boots

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