Comfy not Frumpy - top tips on finding shoes comfortable enough to wear!


I seem to have a bit of a theme going at the moment, with regards to shoes. Although anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that it is actually a bit of an addiction!

I get very excited about looking at, buying and wearing shoes. They form the focal point of my outfits and are more often than not the statement piece that I build the outfit around.

But I have to confess to the fact that a lot of the shoes I own are not the most comfortable of things. In fact, most of them are only really suitable for internet shopping😂

So I am on a mission to find shoes that look good, still make a statement, but that I can wear all day either charging around a town or just walking around my home. If they manage to look a bit sexy too then all the better!

My lovely Business Coach and I are often laughing about this - both she and I have wide feet with narrow heels, which makes shoe fitting a nightmare. Whilst I suffer for my art (🤨) and get rubbed heels and spend most of the time walking out of my shoes (which can be quite embarrassing when you leave them on the street behind you!), she opts for, as she calls them, orthopedic clogs - much to her husband’s disgust!!

So, after giving this much thought and by trial and error, here are my top tips for shoes that are “comfy not frumpy”

Winter or wet weather wear

Try opting for “sock boots”. These wonderful creations are easy to get on and as they “grasp” you around the ankle, they stop the foot of the boot moving around. They look great with anything - even a shorter skirt, and are incredibly versatile.

If you choose a pair with a cowboy boot type heel, then these are really comfortable.


Mules are a great way to add comfort without losing the glamour or elegance. There are so many styles to choose from I was spoilt for choice and at the moment there are even styles with sheepskin interiors - although I am not sure, a) how long these will look good for or, b) how long they will stay in style for.

Again, if you choose a style that has a heel, this will help elevate both you and your outfit! The heel doesn’t have to be high, but very flat shoes, in my opinion, don’t support the foot.


Sling-backs offer a great alternative to both “filled in” shoes and mules. They give a bit more support around the heel and can be adjusted to fit if you have narrow heels. Again they come in all shapes and sizes and I was spoilt for choice.

I didn’t have to go further than Charles and Keith again to find some amazing pairs.


The ultimate in comfort! They are adjustable around the heel with the ankle strap and unlike shoes with a dedicated ankle strap, they don’t seem to fatten the ankle, as you can adjust the ribbons to suit.

The wedge heels are SO comfortable and give you height and balance. They are the best thing I have found for running around the cobbled streets of Tarquinia and Rome, without resorting to flats or trainers and I love travelling in them.

Don’t just save them for summer though - as long as it isn’t pouring with rain they are a great shoe to see you through all seasons!


And - if you REALLY must!


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