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Updated: Aug 17

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that thinking about your style and image is wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you that thinking about clothes and how you look makes you “ditsy” and shallow. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel silly for adjusting your makeup during the day. And please, never, ever, let anyone make you feel you have tried too hard! You know what I mean - when you walk into a party or a cafe and the person you are meeting there says something like “oh, I didn’t realise we were dressing up!”, or “well of course, YOU”VE got the figure/time/money (fill in the blank!) to wear nice clothes!”. Immediately you feel “completely wrong” and start apologising and saying “oh, this old thing, I have had it for years!”. I am sure you have been there! I know I have on many occasions and it makes me feel awkward and as if I have been somehow less serious, less professional, less of a person for caring about how I look.

Isn’t it stupid!

The old cliche that you never get the chance at a first impression is so, so true. What you wear is the image that you are projecting on to the world at large. If you have lank hair, chipped nails, un-ironed clothes and scruffy shoes, you are telling the world that you don’t care about yourself and you are not worth bothering with - so that is how you are going to be treated.

On the flip side, if you present yourself with well cared for hair, nails, clothes and shoes - whatever your style and clothes choice - you are going to be treated as somebody who is worth it.

I mean it when I say whatever your clothes choice too. You don’t have to wear a power suit and high heeled shoes to be taken seriously. We had a period in the 80’s when “power dressing” was all the rage. Do you remember the sharp suits, huge shoulders, men’s ties, etc?!

Working Girl film -

That was when we, as women, were trying to break into a man’s world. But now all the hard work has been done (although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, does it!) and we can start being ourselves and being accepted for who we are.

So, if your style is jeans and a white t-shirt, you can still project an image of someone who cares about herself and should be taken seriously and respected. It is just a case of making sure that those jeans are clean, fit well and are appropriate for what you are doing. The white T needs to be clean, white and ironed. Pop on some jewellery that fits your personality and a pair of clean, well cared for shoes, in whatever style suits you and your lifestyle and you are good to go! Walk into that room/office/cafe with your head held high and tell the world that you love yourself and deserve the same respect and love back.

The fabulous Tania Stephens of

So from now on I am going to keep reminding you of the three “F’s”!

Fiduciose, Favolose and Fiorenti - Italian for confident, fabulous and flourishing!

Let’s become “Le donne fiduciose, favolose e fiorenti”

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