Gelato is good for you!

I have been writing this blog on and off all week. I keep starting and then decide that actually the item is too depressing!

I was going to write about the beaches and beach clubs, but with the news just in about the Government selling off the beaches to the highest bidder in Europe, I decided that was too depressing.

I was then going to write about Risotto, but then I was reading that one of the biggest casualties of the current drought is going to be risotto rice. It will be hard to get hold of and very expensive - which is a huge blow for me, personally, as risotto is my comfort food and one of my favourite things to cook - and eat!

So then, this morning, I thought I would write about Art and in particular, Boticelli - but then when I was doing the research an article popped up about Climate Activists glueing themselves to one of his paintings.

And then of course there is all the political unrest, Covid cases on the up and the wildfires - need I go on?

So, I have decided to focus on something simple and good news. And that is?


Yes, gelato is healthier than normal ice cream! It is made daily with fresh, all natural ingredients and contains 70% less fat than factory made ice cream.

Because there is less air in gelato too, it makes the flavours much more intense.

Another piece of good news relating to gelato? It is the only Italian produce where the market share of artisanal versus industrial is greater than 55%!

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