Have you forgotten how to dress?

I was asked out to supper at a friend’s house this week and I have to say, it caused a complete meltdown! I just couldn’t remember how to dress for such an occasion.

Then I was invited to attend a stylist event in London, as part of Paris fashion week (yes, this is the new normal!) and I was all for saying “no” just because I couldn’t think what to wear.

It is not as though I have spent the last 2 ½ years in tracksuits or loungewear either, as I made a pact with myself that I was going to dress properly, come what may. This might seem a bit like old news now that we have been able to go out for quite some time, but it has been so long since I have had to really think about what I look like (and not just from the waist upwards), that I have forgotten how to do it.

The other problem is, I don’t tend to just go and wander around the shops any more, getting inspiration. I do look at magazines and pinterest, etc, but I have to say that I find it all a bit “samey”, at the moment, a bit formulaic. You might find this hard to understand, as I am a style coach and surely this is part of my job, but I think I have just lost the habit of doing it. It is strange isn’t it that, although we have done these things for years and years, just 2 years of not doing them has changed the habits!

The questions I now have to ask myself are:-

  • How do I want to look?

  • What message am I trying to give out?

  • How can I adapt what I think of as my signature look to a) the event and b) the weather?

I feel I need to start again and make a new “lookbook” for myself. I don’t have the money to buy a new wardrobe full of clothes, so I will have to adapt what I have, which shouldn’t be too hard as I don’t want a complete makeover.

So, I will go onto Pinterest and make a board just for me of outfits that catch my eye, or colours I like, silhouettes that are pleasing, accessories that pop out.

Then I will drag all my clothes out of their various resting places (cupboards, drawers, suitcases, boxes - we have downsized to a much smaller house, so there is no telling where they might be!) and then I will try and make the outfits I like from what I already own. If the outfit doesn’t work, I will try and analyse why and do some tweaking to suit my figure.

I will then make a list of items I might need to complete the look or up-level it.

Once I am happy with it, I will take a photo of that look and put it into my lookbook. I have one on my desk - a physical book - and stick the photo into it under certain headings, i.e. lunch with friends, walking the dog, meetings, etc. If this sounds either a bit anal or a bit ludite, then find your own way of documenting it, but trust me, it is worth doing as you can absolutely be sure you will forget what combination looks good and how you put it together!

Then I can adapt these to any event that I am going to, or I can just wear the outfits at home.

Already I am feeling inspired and excited! Now for the fun bit ……………

If you would like help sorting out your wardrobe and finding your style, then email me on

info@elinorsalter.com and we can arrange a FREE no obligation chat to see how I can help!

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