How to accessorise more

Small details count. Accessories can make or break an outfit, they can lift it from ordinary to extraordinary. They can make the outfit fit your style personality, even if the actual clothes don't. They can lift a look from frumpy to fabulous.

If you are a neutrals girl, adding colourful accessories will give it a modern edge. Of keeping them neutral with golds or chrome will give the look an elegance and sophisticated edge.

Scarves a great way to personalise your look. They also help to guide the eye away from problem areas,, create lines that divide the body and add interest and personality to your look.

Belts are an essential part of many looks. A belt added to a blazer or cardigan will give it a whole new look and create a waist which is feminine and flattering.

You can use a belt to create your waist where you want it - i.e. if you have a short body and long legs, wear you belt lower on your torso to give the illusion of a longer body. If you have the opposite, short legs and longer torso, wear the belt higher on your natural waist to create a the illusion of a shorter body.

Your bag can also help with the illusion of body shape. If you have an angular or rectangle body shape, using a softly shaped bag will soften your look. If your body shape is more rounded, then chose bags with a boxier shape to counteract this. If you have a fuller tummy area, you can use a bag to disguise this, either by wearing a bag across your body so it sits on your tummy area, or by choosing a shorter handled bag, worn over the shoulder, which will draw the eye up away from your middle area.

When choosing glasses and sunglasses, pay attention to the shape of your face, rather than the current trend for shapes. For instance, round face shapes should go for angular frames, wider than they are deep, such as rectangular frames. Oval shaped faces should avoid oversized frames.

Necklaces are a wonderful way to add style to your outfit and truly make it "you". But remember, when choosing your necklace, you have to think about the neckline you are pairing it with otherwise you will lose the effect. For instance a high neck jumper will look amazing with a long chain or pendant. A square neck looks best with an angular frontal and collared shirts look great with bib type necklaces.

Shoes, the ultimate accessory in my opinion, will take a blog all to themselves, but keep proportions in mind when choosing your footwear. A pointed toe will make your legs look longer, flat rounded ballerinas will shorten the leg, especially when worn with knee length skirts. Mid-calf boots can widen the calf area and shorten the leg if worn with shorter skirts. Ankle straps will make even the slimmest ankle look wider than they are.

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