How to choose the right neckline based on the "face shape"

When you are choosing a neckline you should not only look at your bust and neck, but also at your face shape.

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Most people will have heard that the right neckline will make your chest area look smaller or bigger, but not many will realise that it also makes a difference to your face and wearing the right neckline for your face shape can be very revealing.

The same way as your body shape can be enhanced by the right neckline or shape of clothes, so can your face.

The Oval Face

People with oval shaped faces are very lucky as they can wear almost any neckline and their features will be enhanced as they are almost perfectly symmetrical. What they should look at instead is their neck. Those with a shorter neck should opt for V or U shaped necklines and for long necks, opt for round necklines. If, however, you have a regular length neck the neckline world is your oyster and you can choose what you please and look amazing!

The Oblong Face

This face shape is longer than the oval and so it is best to shorten it with higher necklines and choker style necklaces. Avoid V and U necklines, pleating or ruffles that create vertical lines, as these will make the face look longer. Soften lines with round necks and collars or curvy patterns

The Square Face

This face shape is quite angular, with a strong jawline and broad temple. So the main object here is to soften and create a more rounded impression.

Deep V or U necklines are the best styles to wear, whilst avoiding high necks or strapless tops which will only accentuate the squareness of the jaw.

The Round Face

The round face tends to have fuller cheeks and softer contours.

Avoid anything that is going to make your face look rounder, such as crewnecks.

The best necklines are deep Vs or diagonally cut across the shoulder, which will add interest and contrast to your face shape.

If you love crewnecks, utilise necklaces and scarves to create a vertical line, or wear an open shirt or jacket over the top to create the same effect.

The Heart Shape Face

The best necklines for the heart shaped faces are square or round, as they widen the narrow jawline. High or wide collars, crewnecks, boat necks, off-the-shoulder necklines, turtlenecks and roll-necks, are great on you. Avoid V-necks as they will emphasise your chin too much.

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