How to dress like you come from Milan

I love the way people from Milan dress. I won't call them Milanese as a lot of them don't originate from Milan. In fact people who were born in Milan are known as "DOC" - a jokey reference to wine and other produce that originates from a region, as so few people living in Milan originate from there!

In my experience the people who live and work in Milan, especially in the fashion industry, love colour. This sets them apart from their Roman counterparts, who tend to me more minimalistic.

But the Milanese love to wear colour and to mix and match their prints and the fabrics. Their outfits are usually eye-catching and unashamedly "look at me".

To look as if you have just come Milan here are 5 pointers:-

1. Texture - mix and match prints, colours, textures and materials -

@Simona Bertolotto

2. Colour clash - doesn't match? Who cares!

@Silvia Berri

3. If in doubt, wear a Maxi

@Simona Bertolotto

4. Embrace animal print

@Silvia Berri

5. Make it colourful - can't get enough of it!

@Silvia Berri

@giovanna Batiglia

@Silvia Berri

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