I Never Know How To Put An Outfit Together

I hear this all the time when I talking to clients or friends. They have bought this amazing new jacket or skirt, or maybe a new pair of shoes that has caught their eye, but when they get the item home, they have no idea what to put it with. Haven't we all done this?

A friend of mine called me the other day, saying "I've done it again! I always do it, I impulse by because something catches my eye and then it sits in the wardrobe unworn and unloved!" So, we went through her wardrobe holding up the item she had just bought and actually managed to make 6 different outfits from what she already had.

We tend to forget what we already own. We put things away and they get lost in the mire of jumbled hangers and general disorganisation. They might get something else hung over the top of them, or just get pushed further and further back, until they disappear from sight!

If there is one thing the last 18 months or so have taught us, it is that we have to start being much more savvy when we shop "shop well, buy less" being the general mantra. Sustainability comes in all sorts of guises and I think the most important one is to begin with what we already own. There are very few of us these days who have minimal wardrobes and those who do really elicit my envy! When fast fashion came into our lives, we forgot about how we used to shop - with a huge sigh of relief if we are honest! Suddenly we could afford to buy what we wanted, when we wanted. If something fell apart then, no problem, we could just replace it. No longer did we have to save our pocket money or wage packet for months to be able to buy the jumper we were lusting after and no longer did we have to get the mending basket out to "make do and mend".

But, this can't be sustained - that has become frighteningly obvious.

#Oxfam is spearheading a campaign in September called "Secondhand September" which I will be doing more on over the next few weeks. But for now, I found this skirt in one of their charity shops, originally from Marks and Spencers - because I loved the colour and thought I would try and see how many ways I could style it from what I already owned.

Here goes!

“I always do it, I impulse buy because something catches my eye and then it sits in the wardrobe unworn and unloved!”

Out to the ballet with my lovely friend.

Lunch with my husband

Meeting in London - face to face for once!

And afterwards a glass of wine with friends

Working from home - with a zoom call, so needed a great necklace!

A walk by the beach before a sundowner (ok, that's in my dreams, but maybe soon ......!)

And just because I love this necklace from @jianuilondon



I challenge you to find one item in your wardrobe that you love, but haven't worn for a long time, if at all, and play around with it. Find a way to make an outfit with it and post a picture here!

What's next? -

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