How to wear red: 4 tips to wearing red with style

Red is inevitably associated with Christmas, but it is also the colour of love and romance, confidence and joy.

Wearing red is a sure way to feel confident and put a bit of va va voom into your step. It is a great colour to invest in, as it transcends all the seasons and can be worn with ease in winter as well as summer.

I am often asked what “colours can go with red”? Well, you would be surprised!

1. Of course, dressing in red from head to toe is a brave thing to do and if you have the nerve for this it is the most amazing look.


But if your tastes are a little more subtle then there are plenty of other ways to wear red.

2. For a classy look, wearing red with a neutral colour can be very effective. - Dress - Boots - Coat

Either keep the red for your accessories and dress in camels, beiges, or black and white. Or, pair a red pair of trousers with a camel jumper and keep the accessories neutral.

3. Blue jeans and a white shirt, with a pair of flat red shoes is a great outfit to wear for a Saturday lunch with friends. - jeans - shirt shoes

4. For a “wow” moment, think about pairing a pink skirt with a red jumper and silver ballet flats. Red also looks great with blue or green. - skirt - jumper

www.russell& - shoes

So, have some fun and give it a try! You will be amazed at the confidence boost wearing more colour will give you!

Want to become more confident with colour? Why not have a colour consultation with me to find out your colour season and which "wow!"colours you can wear which will be better than a facelift! Visit for more information and to book! See you there. xxx


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