Spring/summer 2021 fashion colour trends!

I have just been watching the Milan Fashion Week online and have fallen in love with two completely different styles for next Spring!

I know! It is crazy isn’t it – here we are just about to put away our summer clothes to replace them with our autumn/winter wardrobes, trying to work out what a “capsule wardrobe” should include for autumn, looking forward to log fires, whisky macs and, dare I say it, Christmas party outfits (although what those will look like this year is anybody’s guess!) and the mad world of Fashion is talking about Spring/Summer 2021!

It is no wonder we all think that the years go by so quickly – and it isn’t just our age! At the weekend, the last weekend in September, I was reading my November copy of Woman & Home – it is hard to keep up and this is Fashion and the magazine world slowing down!

Anyway, back to my dichotomy – I am, deep down, a neutrals girl. I love just wearing all grey, all beige or maybe a bit of black and white. It makes me feel expensive and put together as well as feeling calm and confident. This is the Rome side of me. But occasionally, especially in summer I like a colourful patterned dress or skirt – this is the Milan side of me!

However, for next summer I really don’t know where I sit. Whilst I was watching the Fendi show I absolutely fell in love with the all-white or beige, flowy dresses, tops and trousers with a wonderful pop of colour in pink or orange shoes. I also loved the fact that they used older and curvy models. Fendi really does seem to listen to 50 plus woman and woman wanting midlife style. I hope that more brands listen and take note.

I also fell for Georgio Armani’s wonderful light grey and blue hues, together with the creamy beiges and the elegant lines of his collection.

But then – WOW – I watched Etro’s collection and I just LOVED the scarf print dresses and trousers (they reminded me of the 80’s!) and the blast of colour in the maxi skirts and tops.

And then, Dolce e Gabbana with their explosion of colour and shapes – it made me long to be in Sicily! They screamed summer and a #stylerenaissance.

In fact, both Dolce e Gabbana and Max Mara have used the word #Renaissance in their campaigns. So, I am glad that I am ahead of the curve!!

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