Corona Virus and Shopping - I miss the High Street!

I have noticed since the dreaded “lockdown” that my interest in food has changed. I used to love cooking and creating dishes, especially Italian cooking. But now, I can’t get excited about anything. I don’t know what I want to eat and or have the enthusiasm to cook!

Thinking about it, I am convinced that it is because I have ceased to have the hands on relationship with the food I cook. I either order it on line and pick it up pre-chosen and packed, or I scoot around a supermarket as quickly as I can, grabbing things off the shelves so I can have as little contact as possible with my fellow shoppers.

How I miss the days when I used to go spend time looking, feeling, getting inspiration for the food I wanted to cook. This is something I learned to love whilst living in Italy and tried to do it here in the UK. Going to small vegetable shops, fishmongers, markets and choosing what I will cook from the food that is on offer and, more importantly, in season. But now this has lost its charm with so many layers of complication on it and my love of food seems to have diminished with it.

This is the same for clothes shopping. I don’t want it to be the case – I love shopping for clothes and shoes in stores rather than online, but I must admit to not enjoying the experience at the moment. When I go into big brand stores I get the feeling that there will be better offers and more to choose from their online stores. Also, I don’t want to try things on in store, I hate touching the clothes as my hands are all sticky from the inevitable hand sanitiser and I spend my time avoiding people and end up leaving the store quickly. This has led to a disengagement from the clothes – that lovely feeling of walking around a store, touching the garments, holding them up against you, trying them on with other items, planning what they could go with, where to wear them.

The smaller, independent boutiques are much better and I think they will thrive during this period and survive where their bigger cousins fail. They offer good quality clothing that you won’t see lots of other people wearing, so it is well worth the investment in time and money to shop there.

Maybe that will be some good that comes from this pandemic …….

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