Oxfam have launched secondhand september - https://www.oxfam.org.uk/get-involved/second-hand-september/

The say - “We believe in protecting our planet and helping people beat poverty around the world. Giving clothes a longer life to reduce waste is one way to do this. Will you join us? For 30 days or more only buy second hand clothes online or in your local Oxfam shop. And don't forget to donate your pre-loved items!”

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The more I read, the more I hear and the more I think about it, the clothing industry has a huge impact on the planet.

I am absolutely no expert and “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”, but I know that I have to do my part to mitigate the effect we have had by buying into fast fashion and trends for so many years.

So, here and now I am going to make my stand and say that I will only be buying secondhand clothes and/or from the small designers I support, where I know the provenance of their brands and the whole cycle of their production.

This won’t be easy as sustainability is difficult and if you are helping the planet, are you then letting down the workers/farmers/producers? The cashmere industry, for instance, has reached a critical point, due to its popularity and availability to everyone.

An article in Harpers Bazaar earlier in the year explains -



"… the impact of climate change on the environments where the goats graze are already under threat, making it more difficult to produce cashmere, before you even consider the increased demand."

But if we stop buying cashmere, how will the farmers who produce it in, say, Mongolia, make a living?

There has to be a middle way, which is what we are all striving for.

So, with all that in mind I have been charity shop shopping and this is the outfit I have created for this week.

Skirt Alex & Co, Jacket Max Mara, Shoes "Made In Italy", top Primark

Shoes, LK Bennet, Skirt, M&S Portfolio, Top, Primark, Jacket, Gerry Webber

My next mission is to be mindful of the fact that washing polyester causing plastic particles to enter the water systems, so I am striving for natural fabrics - hard but not impossible.

Your next read about sustainable fashion -



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