I am so pleased that more and more fashion retailers and Designers are thinking about sustainability. There are new rental platforms offering designer outfits for rent such as By Rotation and Hurr. But one of my favourite ways of embracing sustainable fashion is by shopping at Charity Shops! They are a treasure trove and a fascinating way of spending an afternoon. The secret is to find the shops you like and then visit them regularly. You will find that normally the same people will take their clothes to the same shop, so if you are lucky you will find a regular haul of your size and style. One shop I visit regularly has a regular supply of L K Bennett shoes in my size – the lady who takes them in wears them for a season and then takes them to the shop!

My latest find was a pair of leather-look culottes from this season’s Zara collection – for just £10! There is nothing quite like a find like that – not only do you get an amazing new outfit, but you are shopping sustainably AND helping charity. A win, win!

More on the subject of sustainable shopping to come!

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