"The Italy you did not know", the tourism project that unites the whole country

Updated: Jun 1

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I have been saying for years that there is so much of Italy that is unseen and overlooked. Everybody goes to the famous cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence and Sienna and visit, a bit sheep like, the areas of Tuscany and, latterly, Puglia. This is of course quite understandable, as they are beautiful and full of treasures. However, there are so many areas of Italy that are undiscovered. There are also numerous churches that hold hidden treasures of artwork, castles and towns whose histories have not been told. Coastal areas, hills and valleys that haven’t been explored.

But now, after the Pandemic brought into question the huge numbers of tourists flocking to see the same places and the strain that was being put on, not only the structures and infrastructures, but also on the local inhabitants, the Italian Government have put a project together, “The Italy you did not know”, which plans to unite the whole country.

“All the Italian regions are working together to create an extraordinary tourism project that involves the whole country” writes Siviaggia ( https://siviaggia.it/notizie)

" Discover the Italy you did not know" is a project which is part of the 2020 National Promotion Plan of the Ministry of Tourism, and involves all the Italian Regions. The central themes are the picturesque villages, enchanting landscapes, slow and active tourism.

There will be a tourism digital hub, called “The New Italian Journey”, which will be a real Italian Journey, leading visitors to discover the beauty of the country's territory. The focus will be on “Italian villages and landscapes, identity, style, quality of life” (led by Emilia Romagna); "Slow tourism: walks, food and wine, art, cultural heritage" (led by Umbria) and "Active tourism: biking, boating, Nordic walking and outdoor activities for summer and winter " (led by Marche).

The portal Viaggio.italia.it, which will soon be online, will showcase "The Italy you did not know ".

The intention is for each of the Regions to present themselves as one, in a coordinated promotion, which will acknowledge the special riches of each region and their lesser known aspects.

“Over the past two years we have learned an important lesson: the value of things. The pandemic has put us in a position to re-evaluate some aspects of life that we almost took for granted: being together and travelling. The same is true for our country. Today, Italy is more desired than ever.” states the news-site Siviaggia "a lifetime would not be enough to discover all of Italy and therefore this concept can make us focus more attention on this idea and discover the Italy you did not know ".

“The campaign aims to build awareness of the project, stimulating the curiosity of the target, both through an unexpected call to action, and through the story of all the different tourist, cultural, food and wine, slow, responsible and green potentials using exclusively means of sustainable transport.

There is to be an emphasis on “Slow Tourism” - focussing on the paths and trails to walk and ride, as well as food and wine.

The second emphasis is Active tourism in Italy to enhance some sporting activities

The focus will be mainly on 3 Items:

Le Vie del Mare : enhancing Italy seen from the sea thanks to inter-regional itineraries and nautical routes, connecting various ports and tourist landings, to discover the gastronomic and cultural tourist excellence of the coastal hinterland. Nautical tourism finally becomes a tourist segment;

Le Vie del Bike : creating a system of territorial and inter-regional routes with a series of services designed specifically for the needs of those traveling on two wheels;

The Routes of Nordic Walking: construction of a network of unique routes that touch all regions to be crossed in Nordic walking mode.

To read the full article on Siviaggia Click here.

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