Tired of Loungewear? Fab After 50!

9 ideas on how to step out of loungewear this spring

Are you tired of all these tracksuits and oversized sweatshirts?

If yes, then I have picked up 9 fresh ideas in the new season. These outfits are both unusual and elegant - not to mention comfy! So I am not making you get too much out of your comfort zone, just suggesting "comfortable stylish wear" rather than "comfort wear"!

Open maxi shirt + jacket + jeans

This is a great way to stylish and be comfortable. There is nothing like adding a jacket to make an outfit "pop" out of the ordinary. If you choose one which has stretch in it, it will be comfortable enough to work at your desk in, whilst keeping away the chills.

Top and skirt from one set + mules

Knitwear is elegant, comfy and warm so makes a great daytime outfit. Keep the colours tonal for a streamlined, slimming effect.

Shirt dress + leather jacket

One of my favourite combinations! A dress is an easy way to achieve an instantly "put together" look, with minimal effort. They are very much a "throw it on and forget it" addition to any wardrobe!

Flared jeans + 70s colored shirt

You may have worn this look the first time around, but it is still very relevant now! Bootleg or slightly flared jeans are a universally flattering fit and paired with a long shirt and jacket makes layering very easy.

Denim top and bottom + knitted cropped pullover

This is a great way to layer. Adding a jumper breaks up the double denim, but the dark colour of the denim is very flattering.

Full knit outfit in one color with shoes of the same color

Beiges are such calming colours and wrapping yourself in an oversized cardigan/jacket and tonal wool trousers is both comforting and extremely flattering.

Knitted trousers + knitted long cardigan

Knitted dress + knitted crop top

You might shy away from a wool tube dress, fearing a "fattening" effect, but they can be surprisingly flattering! By adding a wrap-around cardigan, a waistline is created and the lines of the dress are broken up, tricking the eye!

Wide-leg trousers + suit vest. Add a high neck jumper for the colder days!

Wide legged trousers and a waistcoat - comfy and stylish! Add a highneck jumper or a jacket to keep the chills at bay!

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