What Makes Italy Italy?

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It is funny how things change as they go along! I think the modern term for it is “pivot”!

This has definitely been the case with Italy Inside and Out Magazine. At the start, I wanted to write a magazine purely about Italian style and showcase the small brands, artisans and businesses that were keeping their traditions alive and creating new traditions, giving them a voice and a platform to reach more people outside of Italy itself.

But once I started talking to them, I became really interested in their stories and their backgrounds. I loved hearing about where they grew up, what the area was like and how this filtered down into their products and designs.

The more I delved into their lives, the more I was finding out about the history of the area and the fascinating stories of not only the people, but the land, buildings, food, wine, art, etc. But not only the history. Italy is a beautiful Country both in the landscape and the buildings, but it hasn’t rested on its laurels - in fact far from it.

I have been told stories from Roman times, right up to the present day, about artists, inventors, designers, chefs, gardeners, cowboys and ordinary, everyday people, who have and still are making their mark in their profession.

What is it about Italy that inspires people so much? What is it in the Italian DNA that makes them so creative? Why is it that, more than any other country, Italy has so much beautiful architecture, fabulous landscapes, beautiful coastlines, inspirational art, soul piercing music, mouth watering recipes, world famous drinks, iconic designers and so much style?

This is what we are trying to find out through the magazine. Maybe we will, maybe it is an unanswerable question. But we will certainly have a lot of fun trying and sharing our findings with you!

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